The mission “We automate on-demand manufacturing”

3YOURMIND promises manufacturers “your parts, one click away.” 

In a world where many parts used in manufacturing can be created by 3D printing, 3YourMind enables companies to create their own parts on-site, source them externally, or indeed check to see if more of their parts can be created on-demand.

“Additive manufacturing is truly a team sport,” says 3YOURMIND’s senior business development manager William Cuervo. “With our 3D printing part identification solution consolidating workflow steps, we can help customers save enormous amounts of time and promote the closest point of use, on-demand production, to help overcome supply chain issues.” 

The problem we’re addressing 

Supply chain issues can significantly slow down operations when people need new parts. It’s an issue that has been magnified by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Suez Canal obstruction and the war in Ukraine – but it is nothing new. 

The reality is we’ve always had supply chain issues. The only difference is that a global pandemic happened and everyone became exposed to the topic,” explains William. “So the reality is we will continue having supply chain issues – companies leveraging smarter manufacturing and procurement practices will be able to reduce the impact of these. Reducing reliance on offshoring manufacturing and bringing things closer to home is sensible.”

On-demand manufacturing also saves on costs –3YOURMIND saves 30% on operational costs. Not only are on-demand parts cheaper to create, they can also keep older machines working for longer by providing parts. “We can avoid the need for costly new machines,” adds William. 

What we do

The end-to-end on-demand manufacturing solution helps companies to identify and produce parts when and where they are needed. The software analyses part data to ensure the best business case for on-demand production throughout the entire product lifecycle. 3YOURMIND can support part screening, digital inventory management and quality management. 

“When identifying parts for on-demand manufacturing, we help identify five times as many more use cases, and we cut the qualification time in half,” says William. “So we know we’re helping you identify and qualify parts at a rapid rate getting those parts ordered internally and or externally. This, in turn, increases the utilisation of the machines by 130%.”

Our history 

Co-founders Aleksander Ciszek and Stephan Kühr 3YOURMIND  launched in 2014 as a 3D part ordering marketplace. Since then, 3YOURMIND has grown to offer a software platform that captures the full additive manufacturing value chain by helping customers identify, qualify, order, and produce parts Over the years, 3YOURMIND has been selected for numerous awards, including winning the 2016 Formnext Startup Challenge and recognition of CEO Aleksander Ciszek in Forbes Europe’s 2018 ‘30 Under 30’ list.  

Interesting fact about 3YourMind

In March of 2022, 3YOURMIND partnered with other members of the 3D printing community to launch the ‘Stand With Ukraine’ initiative to support Ukrainian humanitarian and defense efforts. The 3YOURMIND platform enables 3D makers to print critical parts, like tourniquets, from anywhere in the world and deliver them to Ukrainian aid organizations. To date, the ‘Stand With Ukraine’ effort has printed and delivered over 38.000 parts and saved over 30 lives.

What we hope to get from Sixth Sense 

“We saw Sixth Sense as an opportunity to work with a leader in the manufacturing software space, with complementary capabilities to ours, which would help us provide our customers with a more seamless software environment to reach their goals,” says William. 

“With Hexagon’s point solutions, and our framework, we want to grow our offering to help our customers achieve their on-demand manufacturing goals.”