The mission: 

“To empower workers to do their best work.” 

Augmentir believes that today’s industrial frontline workforce, with a global footprint of over 350 million workers, has been underserved by technology. It intends to change that. “To allow an employee to do their best work, companies need to give them access to information, they need to give them access to knowledge, they need to give them access to tools,” explains Chris Kuntz, Augmentir. 

The problem we’re addressing

Augmentir believes that the most pressing issue facing the manufacturing industry today is the unprecedented level of workforce variability that had been brought on by a steep increase in employee turnover, absenteeism, and an overall shortage of skilled labour. 

“Our focus is empowering workers to do their best work while also empowering the employers to meet their production, safety and quality goals with the limited resources that they have,” says Kuntz. 

What we do 

Augmentir addresses this by helping manufacturers understand and support their workers in ways that are specifically engaging, rewarding, safer, and easier for each worker. “We wanted to create something that really focused on helping workers at an individual level, allowing them to operate more autonomously,” says Kuntz. “We believe that this is more than just connecting workers with digital tools. There is also a data play. To understand the workers, you need to make sense of the rich activity data that connected workers generate, so we built an AI platform.”

Augmentir is a connected worker solution that allows industrial companies to digitise and optimise processes that support frontline workers from “hire to retire”. The complete suite of tools, which include skills management, digital workflows, collaboration, and knowledge sharing, are built on top of Augmentir’s patented Smart AI foundation, which close the loop between training and work execution, delivering the data and in-line insights necessary to continuously improve operational excellence day-over-day, year-over-year.

Our history 

The Augmentir founding team has been at the forefront of three of the most important of some significant software technology revolutions in manufacturing – Wonderware Software in 1987, Lighthammer in 1997, and ThingWorx in 2008.

In 2017, the founders of Augmentir recognised that the technology and market forces were aligned yet again, for a fourth industrial software revolution. A revolution focused on increasing the productivity and quality of processes by involving and enabling front-line workers.

“We have a shared history of bringing software into the manufacturing space,” says Kuntz. “It was all about helping people control machines, making machines smarter and more connected but what we realised had been forgotten in this whole digitisation journey was the humans.”

Interesting fact about Augmentir 

Augmentir is officially cool. In 2022, it was named a Gartner Cool Vendor in Manufacturing Operations. 

What we hope from Sixth Sense 

“We joined Sixth Sense because Augmentir’s solutions are very complimentary to many of Hexagon’s, and this is a great opportunity to showcase how we can help Hexagon shape the future of industrial work,” says Kuntz “We are hoping to build connections and demonstrate how our unique AI-based technology, together with Hexagon, can shape new ways of operating in manufacturing.”