Our mission? Empowering tomorrow’s engineers with AI.

Who are we? We believe that automation is the main challenge in engineering, so we’re developing an AI-based platform that allows engineers to structure and leverage their knowledge – assisting them in everyday tasks and allowing them to make faster, better design decisions.

How does it work? Our platform is non-specific – for example, we provide automation for electrical wiring as well as cooling architectures for electric vehicles – and we offer it to major players in the automotive, aerospace, space, and defence industries, helping them improve their productivity by automating their design processes.

Dessia’s platform…

  • Structures technical engineering knowledge into intelligent design workflows.
  • Helps engineers and architects make better design decisions.
  • Assists industrial companies in digitising their engineering processes.
  • Provides engineers with virtual design companions called ‘engineering bots’.
  • Uses ‘explainable AI’, helping users better understand algorithms and their outputs.
  • Generates thousands of design options early in the product development cycle – in just a few hours.
  • Aims to help engineers design products with lower carbon impact.
  • Is versatile, able to be specifically tailored for different industries.

The lightbulb moment? During his ten years at PSA, our CEO and founder, Pierre-Emmanuel, consistently encountered a major challenge: being unable to successfully automate design tasks to identify the optimal solution. These initial experiences were the catalyst for founding Dessia six years ago. Our goal was to democratise these innovative methodologies and make them accessible to the entire engineering sector through a universal framework.

Why did we apply for Sixth Sense? We aim to bring more value to our clients by offering them more accurate simulations – enabling them to make more informed architectural choices. Therefore, we wish to explore the possibility of connecting our platform to Hexagon’s numerous simulation software solutions.

Where do we hope to be in five years’ time? We are currently in the process of fundraising to scale up at the European level, and we aspire to become the leader in Europe in digitising engineering processes.

Which emerging technologies excite us? Automation through AI is exciting and offers numerous prospects for engineering, such as aiding the automotive and aerospace industries in reducing their development time.