We’re delighted to announce that the next Sixth Sense challenge has been revealed and we’re open to applications. Our next cohort will focus on two main themes:

  • Building a sustainable manufacturing future
  • Smart digital reality for collaborative manufacturing

Read this blog to find out everything about the next challenge areas, who we’re looking for, and how you can apply.

Who are we looking for?

We’re looking for start-ups with a propensity for scale and a proven track record. They should be working on products for advanced manufacturing and have revenues of $3m or less, post-seed, Series A or A+. They will have been in operation for 1-5 years and have proven product market fit. Validation of investment from a third party and IP & licenses are not mandatory but will be an advantage.

This is a global challenge, so we’re open to applications from anywhere across the world. We’re also particularly interested in diverse companies and encourage founders from underrepresented communities to apply.

Sixth Sense is an innovate on the job scaling programme where ambitious start-ups can access Hexagon’s vast resources and connect with world class companies to solve some of humanity’s biggest challenges.

When is it?

The deadline for applications is 6 September and successful companies must be available for our selection day on 20 September. For those chosen to join the cohort, you’ll be taking part in a 10-week scaling programme culminating in a demo day on 6 December where the winners will be chosen.

What are the challenge themes?

Building a sustainable manufacturing future

This theme encompasses decarbonisation, waste reduction, and resource preservation for sustainable product design. We might be talking about eco-design, materials innovation, circular economy, or product optimisation. Anything that accelerates manufacturing’s sustainable journey.

Sustainability is a critical priority for Hexagon – it is a key driver of growth and tightly linked to our success as a company, and we are proud to call ourselves an enabler of sustainability. Regardless of whether companies operate within energy, transportation, construction, manufacturing, automotive or aerospace – any change must be sustainable. Focusing solely on improving competitiveness without consideration of environmental and social impacts is no longer an option.

At Hexagon we are driving sustainable change with tangible impact and outcomes today. Our portfolio of digital reality solutions is making entire industries and nations more efficient, with significantly reduced emissions, minimised waste and improved safety for citizens and employees, every hour and every day.

We know we can accelerate change if we work together with our ecosystem. That’s why we’re inviting start-ups to collaborate with us – if you’re working on something that could drive sustainability across the manufacturing product cycle – we want to hear from you.

Smart digital reality for collaborative manufacturing

This challenge area will explore how digital reality, Al, generative design, and NDT/NDE tools can optimise collaborative product design, virtual production simulation, analysis, and validation.

This is an important area for us. Smart Digital Reality is Hexagon’s strategic advantage and the greatest source of value creation for our customers, empowering them to put data to work in ways that go far beyond what was ever thought possible.

Unique to Hexagon is our portfolio of core technology competencies, that create intelligent sensor-software systems that integrate the right data in the right place at the right time, bringing speed, certainty and agility to any workflow.

From the factory floor to a city’s emergency services, from mega construction projects to safely landing an aircraft, everyone is trying to improve and perfect their workflows. When workflows don’t meet their potential, productivity, quality, safety and profit all suffer.

Collaborative manufacturing is a hotbed of innovation at the moment. We know that great things are happening across our ecosystem and by collaborating, we can move the dial and empower customers even further. If you’re working on something that you believe could do just that – we want to hear from you.

How can I apply?

All you need to do to apply is fill out the short form below by 06 September: https://sixthsense.hexagon.com/apply/

Challenge 3 is go! Get in touch now to have the chance to join us.