The search is over! Sixth Sense is delighted to announce that we have the shortlist of companies who will pitch to win a place in the second cohort.

As you may know, we have been inviting applications from companies working in the areas of visualisation and digital reality and intelligence and automation. We have had many brilliant submissions but sadly we can only take 12 forward with us to selection day on 02 November 2022, when we will choose the final group.

Let’s meet them now…

3YOURMIND (Berlin, Germany)

3YOURMIND enables Agile Manufacturing (AM) with a software suite that standardises, optimises and automates the entire AM process chain for leading companies and 3D print services. Software is designed to efficiently schedule and track AM processes – from the initial order to the finished part.

Augmentir (Horsham, USA)

Augmentir builds the Smart Connected Worker Suite that digitises frontline processes in operations, maintenance, safety, and quality. It enables companies to follow all of the processes from the “hire to retire”, providing smart insights. The collected data helps to reduce time to productivity, enables targeted reskilling and upskilling, and provides individualised guidance and support at the point of work.

Threedy (Darmstadt, Germany)

Threedy provides the visual computing technologies to translate the ever-growing web of 3D, business and process data into highly responsive and interactive 3D applications. instant3Dhub translates existing 3D data entities into highly interactive experiences while minimising device and infrastructure costs.

Gemineers (Aachen, Germany)

The gemineers GmbH was founded in 2021 as a deep tech start-up of the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology IPT at RWTH Aachen University. The company is developing software for data-driven quality evaluation in production. The gemineers technology consists of three elements: the machine and sensor data acquisition, the fully automated Digital Twinning and the user-friendly quality dashboard. Sophisticated models process the data into a complete Digital Twin of the manufactured part.

oculavis (Aachen, Germany)

oculavis develops Visual Assistance software for the industry, designed to take customer support for machine manufacturers to the next level. The device-independent solution connects machinery and equipment with experts, technicians and customers worldwide. Intuitive Augmented Reality (AR) annotations in video calls facilitate focused collaboration between technicians and clients.

Retrocausal (Redmond, USA)

Retrocausal delivers an intelligence augmentation software platform that helps manufacturing workers avoid assembly mistakes. It helps industrial and quality engineers continuously improve processes and assists operations managers in production tracking. Retrocausal Pathfinder uses cameras to understand manual assembly activities and provide real-time task guidance and analytics. The technology has received several patents and won awards from NASA JPL, Embedded Vision Alliance, IEEE VGTC, and CB Insights.

CASTOR (Tel Aviv, Israel)

CASTOR provides automated 3D printing software. The software analyses thousands of parts simultaneously and offers deep technical analysis for a complete machine design. In addition, it identifies cost reduction opportunities and suggests geometry changes to the part’s design. Finally, it estimates each part’s cost and lead time and connects the manufacturer to a service bureau that can print and supply the part according to requirements.

Gelsight (Waltham, USA)

GelSight’s 3D develops tactile sensing technology that provides detailed and rapid surface characterisation, enabling several surface measurement applications and robotic sensing capabilities. GelSight was born from leading-edge academic research. The company co-founders were research scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), working on 3D imaging, perceptual modelling and signal processing.

IQ3 (Woburn, USA)

iQ3Connect’s no-code SaaS platform provides the digital fabric for creating, delivering, and consuming complex 3D content for immersive product development and training in the Enterprise Metaverse. It enables remote collaboration in real-time with complex 3D models on any AR, VR, or 2D device using only open standard web browsers.

Arundo Analytics(Oslo, Norway)

Arundo Analytics provides cloud-based and edge-enabled software for deploying and managing enterprise-scale industrial data science solutions. In 2016, Arundo graduated from Stanford University’s StartX accelerator program. And in 2017, Arundo was named to the MIT STEX25 by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Startup Exchange (MIT STEX).

JITbase (Montreal, Canada)

JITbase builds smart manufacturing software that uses machine data and information from CNC programs to calculate the optimal sequence of machinist activities on the shop floor. The Optimal Path System (OPS) is based on algorithms that calculate in real-time what should happen in production to maximise the availability rate of the fleet of machines.

Teratonics (Orsay, France)

Teratonics offers highly automated non-destructive testing, imaging systems and analysis services. The users of their products can look into every produced part to uncover internal defects and measure dimensions. Thanks to an internationally patented technology, the start-up can exploit the potential of ultrashort Terahertz pulses for non-destructive testing (NDT) during the life stages of a product.

We’re excited to take these brilliant scaling start-ups with us to selection day where we’ll be able to hear more about the transformative solutions they are developing.

Watch this space for further news and information about how you can get involved.