Sixth Sense is an open innovation platform bringing scaling start-ups together with some of the world’s biggest companies to turn real-world problems into transformative solutions. It is an opportunity for start-ups to access global markets, Hexagon’s customer relationships and Hexagon’s expertise to scale their business.

My name is Milan Kocic, and on behalf of Hexagon, we are incredibly excited and also humbled to be helping you in your journey. Personally, I am in awe of entrepreneurs like you who are building the technologies and businesses of the future.

I love working with start-ups because they are populated with people with big ideas. It’s an exciting place to be and for me, as something of an entrepreneur on the inside here at Hexagon, it feels like we share a lot of the same goals but with different challenges.

If I can take the wisdom I have from working in a mature organisation and combine it with the wisdom founders have from creating start-ups, it’s a natural fit. Hexagon is a company with significant resources, tools and expertise. We want to put those to good use.

Sixth Sense is here for start-ups first and foremost. The way we see it, if we can enable a start-up to become the next unicorn, we’re successful. If we can help to bring transformative solutions to a global audience, we’re successful. Accelerating progress is the goal.

Hexagon shares many entrepreneurial values and I, and all the team here at Hexagon, are confident that with Hexagon’s experience, reach and now-how we believe we can build an exciting future together.

We are now inviting proposals from scaling start-ups (early stage ok with the right fit), with a focus on any product or service that improves advanced manufacturing from design to quality (and beyond). We are looking to match the pressing demands our customers are facing with the solutions you want to scale. In return, you will get access to our technology, world beating data and most importantly, our customers.

By collaborating, we can push the boundaries of design, manufacturing, and engineering and start to imagine a better future for the benefit of everyone – enabling a sustainable autonomous future with people at its heart.

Our open innovation platform is about shaping the future. Imagining and enabling a world we can’t yet see – giving us a sixth sense of what comes next.

Please come and join us on this journey. We don’t necessarily know the outcome, but we know that we have an opportunity to influence the future.

Let’s get started.